TAKE yourself to Darwen this Christmas if you want to see men in drag and a scary old witch who resembles Cruella DeVille.

And no, I'm not talking about the local residents — it's PMA Productions' latest panto, Snow White!

Take the children to see this fairytale production and you won't be disappointed.

The wit and cheekiness had me in stitches, all written, directed and produced by panto king George Critchley.

This season we’ve got Blackburn's DAPA Dacne School students taking to the stage as the seven dwarfs as well as performing their lovely routines.

As the dwarfs they looked and sounded good, miming behind a mask to the voices with Lancashire accents, they were somehow very convincing.

With a poisoned apple and a wicked plot, I was impressed with this year's panto, which seemed even funnier than usual.

Dame Duddles tickled me the most, full of mischief, causing mayhem on stage.

With plenty of northern wit, including Ramsbottom, the Queen's pesky sidekick, you’ll be impressed by each of the main characters.

The full cast, including a handsome prince, a beautiful fairy and of course Snow White, make this a festive treat for the whole family.

Until Christmas Eve, details from 01254 706006.