ROB Cohen’s film opens with Detective Alex Cross (Tyler Perry), his partner Tommy Kane (Edward Burns) and colleague Monica Ashe (Rachel Nichols) chasing a suspect through an abandoned warehouse.

Having apprehended their man, the team celebrates. Alex returns home to his pregnant wife Maria (Carmen Ejogo), grandmother Nana Mama (Cicely Tyson) and children Damon (Sayeed Shahidi) and Janelle (Yara Shahidi). Meanwhile, Tommy and Monica continue a secret affair, which is against department rules. Soon after, Cross and Kane are called to a grisly murder scene.

Businesswoman Fan Yau (Stephanie Jacobsen) has been tortured and slain, and her bodyguards shot dead. Cross deduces that one man is responsible for the carnage — sadistic assassin Picasso (Matthew Fox) — whose ultimate target appears to be billionaire CEO Leon Mercier (Jean Reno).

As the Detroit police close in on their wily prey, Picasso retaliates by targeting the cops’ families and friends and Cross threatens to break the law in the name of justice. 4/10