By Jasmine Gohil

You were a good dog, you never did bite
You guarded the house, every day and night

You licked their faces when they were small
You amused them greatly when you brought back the ball

They tugged on your ears, they pulled at your fur
You just wagged your tail and never would Grr…

But the children grew, the years flew by
You’re no longer of interest, you don’t know why

Long gone are the days of pats on the head
Squeaky toys, treats and a warm comfy bed

No more are the long walks down in the park
No more postman and the excuse to bark

Never again enjoy rope pulling games
Now instead old age, the aches and pains

Your body is stiff, your joints now creak
Barely have energy to run or speak

You now spend your days on cold concrete floors
Where you sigh to your self and stare at the walls

Your surrounded by others who cry through the night
The only day you see, artificial light

Because you got old, the children got bored
The new puppy they got left you ignored

The family you knew, you loved and obeyed
left you here to die, you feel so betrayed

Old dogs often suffer abandonment or abuse
All because they grown out of their ‘use’

When all this dog wanted in the last of his days
Was his family to love him till he passed away

I am a dog lover, passionate and devoted
I do hope my message has truly been noted