Here was a game of football
Like you’ve never seen before,
Two teams of football players
Who had just passed through death’s door?
All struck down by lightning
In a game of pace and skill
And the score line when the lightning struck
Was still nil-nil
When the players reached the Pearly Gates
The lord was standing there,
With the devil in the shadows
Just waiting for his share
They both knew that these new players
Could command “Top of the Bill”
Seven minutes after kick-off
It was still nil-nil.
Heaven picked a team whom
Were a credit down on Earth,
Hell, a team of schemers
Who would cheat for all their worth
Heaven hit the crossbar
And it gave the Lord a thrill
But halfway through the first half
It was still nil-nil.
Hell piled on the pressure
And they played like men possessed.
The remainder of the first half
Heaven struggled second best.
A golden goal would win it
And hell went in for the kill.
When the whistle blew for half time
It was still nil-nil.
The second half it started
And both teams were on their guard.
Heaven played like demons
And by heck they tackled hard.
And then Heaven won a penalty
The whistle it blew shrill
But Heaven missed the spot kick
It was still nil-nil.
Then there was a breakaway
By hells big number nine,
For hell to score the golden goal
It would have been a crime.
The winning goal was imminent
But Heavens save was brill
Then Heaven scored the golden goal
And it was now one-nil.
You may think this short poem
Is about a football game
Just remember good and evil
Are competing just the same
For eternity they’ve battled
And you bet they always will
Until someone scores the golden goal
Its Heaven one – Hell nil