The power of the flower is like a charge of lightning, the struggle to dodge the light is the way forward, the power of the struggle is the key to strength, the struggle ascending towards the moon is the essence of power.

Quicksilver lightning fighting and biting, this way is the way we go today, this way is the way we stay this way.

It’s not good, it’s not good, but the pay, the play, the punch, the power punch, the solid unorthodox style bravery brave, the brave to save, the save, the saviour to save, the saviour is here, the body shot, the power, the ribcage, the kidney, the blessed, the brave, the blessed the best, the blessed is he who through the power of the darkness sends thee to the ground, to the force where thee cannot rise again, the force of God I thank thee for the strength, the intensity, the undisputed power and energy to rise and rise and go through the struggle for strength beyond strength, touch beyond touch.

Finger tip tactile, malleable allegiance, flower petal collegiate, soft and fine, feeling touching, tasting, teasing, pulling back the arrow and aim fire to the body. . .

Pessimism is something I regret, pessimism is something I reject, we must play the game in order to stay the same, but to play the game we have to hold much weight with our shoulders, crippling weight, strickening weight, starving weight, immobilizing weight, crushing weight, ideological weight, philosophical weight, sociological weight, psychological weight, political weight . . .

This weight weighing us down, holding us, gripping us, nullifying us, hegemonizing us.

Mortifying, petrifying, stupefying, while we play a game of death, a game with pieces on a board, a game of chance, of life, of humiliation to the loser, satisfaction to the victor.

In the end the loser wins, the victor humbled and friendly, in the end the loser is given another chance in life to remove the torment within his mind, the torture within his soul.

In the end he gets the biggest prize in life. Love is an ecstasy, love is the entity in me that strives to recognise the righteous path, the path of the righteous man, love is what binds us and shapes us and surrounds within and without.

Love is, love is.