My mum is so amazing, In each and every way, I’m grateful I was sent to her, I love her more each day.

You see this wonderful woman Has given us so much love and light, Without a thought for her own wants Her children are her life.

My mum she is so caring, With every little bump or graze, She’s always been there all our lives, And helped us grow each day.

My mum’s love for us is endless, Even on the most trying days, She knows we are not perfect, But she loves us anyway.

My mum is irreplaceable, I’d never want another, Of all the jobs she’s ever done, She’s perfect as a mother.

All my life I’ll strive to be, Someone who makes her proud, It’s the least that I can do for her, I’d give her the world if I was allowed.

My mum is a great lady, It’s here in black and white for all to see, There’s just one thing left to say and that’s “MUM YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!”