Twenty Nine, Four, Eleven
A day on which the sun shone
for the most important day in the life
of our next King (but one).

Because today, William and Catherine,
Prince and Princess to be
would seal 8 years of courtship
to come together in matrimony.
Outside the streets of London
the masses were throbbing and heaving
whilst maintaining best behaviour
Spirits high, never seething.
Inside Westminster Abbey,
the privileged congregation
heard readings and sang to hymns
blended with lush orchestration
As Catherine appeared, everyone seemed
to skip a heartbeat or three,
stunned in awe at her dazzling white dress
which further enhanced her beauty
William looked suave and dapper
Every inch, a Prince among men.
It is guaranteed that he was today
the envy of his fellow brethren
The words "I will" were said by both
before the exchanging of rings.
There was an audible roar outside
in approval of these proceedings.
When the ceremony concluded
The Abbey's bells pealed loud.
as the happy couple began to leave.
Their families looking on, proud.
The waiting crowds gave their acclaim
to the happy bride and groom.
Scores of Union flags flew high.
National pride in full bloom.
Swamped to capacity was The Mall
by an ocean of happiness
as all attention and interest
now shifted to Buckingham Palace
The Prince and his new Princess
soon appeared on the balcony
before the kiss all were waiting for
was delivered effortlessly.
So now, to William and Catherine,
Well done on your special day
Hoping that this is the first of many
celebrations to come your way.