A hairline fracture after re-enacting the Superman movie, still radiated with pain, be it psychological, years later.

This weakness of mind resonated with clarity of how trauma effects the body.

A physiological reminder of past mistakes.

The use of drugs, as in the tampering of the body, is a necessity when such trauma is sustained with severity or over time.

The mind has evolved over millennia to adapt within harsh environments, and although the healthcare system is underfunded, the failure lay in outmoded beliefs, assumptions, and insecurities surrounding personal identity.

Genetic tampering is abhorrent within the general health of a community, but conditions exist in which real discomfort on the physiology of an individual, impacts emotionally on the general population.

The rise in mental health conditions could be due to poor educational standards which have arisen, again impacting on parenting skills.

The dismissing of therapies, found within the arts, is clearly due to parental ignorance of modernity and an inherent distrust, founded in fear of abandonment, of intelligence.

The content of popular media can be miss interpreted, leading to an arrested development of language skills, the scars of which is evident in the culture of the 20th century.