I saw you as you drove right past,
You were it seemed a trifle fast.
“calm your self, don’t get haughty
I know you were exceeding forty.
“what me I said…just as if
It could not do it o’er a cliff.
Sniffing the alcoholic mist
He knew that I was ‘Brahms & Lizst.
As I was one of the caught ones,
The bobby had me by the short ones.
Denying it was of no use, as
My driving licence I must produce.
Ashamed because it was quite dirty,
It had expired in nineteen thirty.
To pull his leg was such a lark
I tell you it was extremely dark.
When I got out we’d struck a deal,
But he could not find the steering wheel.
That he paled, I’ll bet a fiver,
As the wife explained ‘I am the driver’
He shouted out ‘why snakes alive’
You see it was a LEFT HAND DRIVE!