What awful place is this I'm in,
can no one hear me speak;
words resounding in my head;
why do I feel so weak?
I've no idea what time it is;
if it is day or night;
I'm not attracting anyone,
will no one heed my plight.
Nobody seems to show response,
they simply walk away;
exhibiting not one concern.
of anything I say.
I've now begun to realise,
that I cannot move at all.
A change has taken over me,
I'm as rigid as the wall.
I cannot move an eyelid;
I've dreamed like this before;
I feel I'm at their mercy, in
this helpless state I'm sure.
My fear is reaching panic,
I'm too young to expire;
I would break out into a sweat
were I able to perspire.
I always was a joker, and
could see the funny side;
though looking at this seriously;
I wish that I had died.