What was our future, has now arrived;
As was predicted… not many survived.
Condemned to exist in a shrivelling world,
Having to dwell where the edges are curled.

If I could escape the pull of the earth,
I’d race to the heavens, for all I was worth.
Exploring the limitless space that’s out yonder,
Exceeding the height of high flying condor.

Jumping off’t moon…landing on Mars,
Flitting about amongst millions of stars.
To see if close study of Uranus will tell us,
The ‘truth’ we were told by university fellows.
I’d be zooming about, with so much to be done;
( pity that Mercury’s so close to the Sun.)

High on my list, amongst other things,
Probing the secrets inside Saturn’s rings.
The serious side of my Galactic excursion,
Is to seek out a Planet of our earthly version.

Find one where survivors could re-cultivate,
Staking our claim there, before it’s too late.