I would like to thank the council
For Barnes Square’s Christmas tree
It has the bonniest little lights
The Claytoner’s ever did see.

Members of the Methodist Church have mentioned
They twinkle with hope and cheer
Still it’s a shame that our building plans
Could never prompt the Hyndburn stamp ALL CLEAR.

We wish to build a community centre,
A place for folk to drop in
Pity the borough council keeps on dismissing our ideas
And chucking them in the bin.

As the old church building crumbles to bits,
And the council smile and proclaim it’s quaint,
Feeling that a modern creation
Would give rise to mass uncontrollable complaint
The relic falls around our ears.

Only with God’s kindly help we haven’t had to flee
And this despite the funds we’ve raised
Ah...but...ta for the bonny Christmas tree.

JANET WALKER, Clayton-le-Moors.