From Raymond Winston Aspden, Fairfield Street, Accrington.

Variety list is very long
Spoilt for choice, simply can't go wrong,
Savoury, plain, crisp, crumbly or sweet
Any kind just go down a treat.
Biscuits of all forms love to munch
Present favourite is golden crunch,
Spicy ginger nuts go down all right
Although they are quite hard to bite.
Night time cream crackers or instead
Melt in the mouth lighter than air crispbread,
To aid digestion, might be safe
r Go to bed with a Cornish Wafer.
Flaky, mouth clinging butter puff
Couple of these more than enough,
Cheddars with their cheesy flavour
Are another one to savour.
Bourbons more often than not it seems
Found on the same shelf as custard creams,
Feeling edgy a little restive
Calm down with a chocolate digestive.
Fig rolls, jam rings or plain wholemeal
One for the cowboys called Wagon Wheel,
Club, Kit Kat, Penguin, Blue Riband
Titbits that tempt waistlines to expand.
Garibaldi, tangy Jaffa Cake
Numerous snacks of every make
Palates of all tastes to satisfy
Yet hard to beat home-made tater pie.