I FEEL like my plot is a month behind the rest of the country. I keep getting emails from wonderful growers saying they have a glut of courgettes, what should they do with them all (personally I hand them out to the old folk on my road).

I’ve only had a few baby ones so far, I think I’ve got allotment envy going on. I really shouldn’t be too jealous my peas have just starting to pod up, my strawberries and raspberries are in full swing. But not a sign of a runner bean yet!

Honestly it’s a strange year on my plot so far.

If you are growing peas this year, it’s so important to check on them every other day. Once those pods start swelling up you need to be picking them.

Don’t get lazy, because if your plants think they’ve made enough ‘seed’ they will just stop dead.

It’s the same with beans, asparagus peas, and even sweet peas (one of my favourite flowers) so do keep picking them.

One of my jobs to do this weekend is to tickle my spuds! Don’t worry I’ve not lost my marbles.

My spuds are almost ready to be dug up but I’m not chancing a disappointment so I’m going to get my hands down into the soil first and have a feel about to see if they are big enough, especially since my plot is so behind this year. It may well be that they are behind like a lot of the other crops.

But I’m really looking forward to finding out, digging up spuds is so exciting.

My allotment to do list:

n Water water water, even on a cloudy day your greenhouse still gets pretty warm.

n Sow another row of carrots for later in the season the best spot is amongst your onions or garlic.

n Keep sowing your lettuce, you’d be surprised how quick they are to bolt in warm weather so have plenty lined up.

n French beans that are struggling to produce could need a good watering in the evening, but don’t worry they are just being stubborn, everything comes to those who wait.

If you have an allotment query you can email vixlot@outlook.com