IT may be 30 years since Brother Beyond were regulars on Top of the Pops and singles such as The Harder I Try were in the Top 10 but lead singer Nathan Moore says he’s has never been busier.

On Saturday, Nathan will be part of a great 80s Live line-up at Preston Guild Hall where he will be performing alongside the likes of Toyah, Tight Fit, Owen Paul and Hazell Dean.

“Honestly, this is the busiest year I’ve ever had,” he said. “I’m doing 12 Lets Rock festivals this summer and I’ve even got a Throwback 80s Cruise with Tony Hadley and UB40 later in the year and tons of other stuff. I’m so grateful.”

Nathan believes that the 80s have a special hold on music lovers.

“The beauty of the 80s era was the strength of the songs and the image,” he said.

“Everyone had a look so fast forward 30 years and you can dress up like Madonna, you can dress up like Adam Ant or Boy George. It makes for great fun. You can stick on the outfits and get in the mood to party.

“But then the songs were so strong that every artist has got classics so with something like 80s Live you get a show full of them which takes you back to those teenage years. It’s the perfect mix.”

After Brother Beyond, Nathan also had success with the band World’s Apart - particularly in France where the band had a string of top 10 hits - and as a solo artist.

But he has no issues with being called on to revisit the 1980s.

“I’m someone who doesn’t have a problem doing our best known Brother Beyond songs and I’ll quite happily do the best of George Michael or Queen or Rick Astley. I’ll sing other artists’ tunes because, to be honest, that’s what the audience wants to hear and I love it.

“I love doing Living on a Prayer, I’ll sing some classics to get the party going

“At Preston when you’ve just got a 25 minute slot there is no point doing your B-sides or your obscure songs because it really goes flat.

“You’ve also got to remember that it’s not a complete Brother Beyond show there are other artists too so not all the audience will be there for you.You’re there to give them what they want, a party night.

“My mission every time I go on stage is that I want those people to say ‘I want to see that guy again, he’s great’.”

As well as keeping him busy through the summer, the interest in the 80s has also had another benefit for Nathan and acts who were also hitmakers during that time.

“There is no competition between any of us these days, so the atmosphere at the shows is lovely,” he said.

“Back then it would be very rare that you’d actually get to meet any other artists. You might bump into them when you were doing Going Live but you wouldn’t really be hanging out with them. Now we get to spend time with each other which is great fun.

“So I’d have to say that life is good - if anything, it’s almost better than it was as I’m in control of everything I do which isn’t the case when you’re in a band.”

80s Live with Nathan Moore, Toyah, Owen Paul Tight Fit, Hazell Dean and Dene Michael of Black Lace, Preston Guild Hall, Saturday, February 23. Details from 01772 804444 or