CONSIDERING they have only played a handful of shows in London and two show outside the capital, the amount of interest in the She Street Band’s debut tour which brings them to Manchester next week has been phenomenal.

It helps that they have one of the coolest names for a covers band ever but the intrigue really surrounds how an all-female outfit are going to be able to carry off the songs of Bruce Springsteen.

“I just think it’s one of those ideas which has struck a chord with people,” said the band’s founder Jody Orsborn.

“Once I explained to people what we were doing it kind of made sense to them and they were like ‘it’s a really cool idea’.

"It is spinning the idea of Bruce on his head a bit.”

Jody decided to form the band after watching Bruce Springsteen perform at Wembley Stadium in 2016.

“I’d never seen him before,” she said.

“I quite liked his music but people had always said he put on the best shows ever so I went along.

“It was everything you would hope it would be - the best show, the most amazing experience and also the best audience.

"It left you with this feeling that few musicians or concert experiences give you.

“I walked out of it thinking ‘I need more of that in my life’.”

Jody decided at that point to form an all-girl covers band, made all the more remarkable that she wasn’t a musician at the time.

“About half girls in band are working musicians but I was an entrepreneur,” she said.

“I could play a bit but I picked up and learned to play the bass to be in the band I believed in the idea that much.

“I was so excited about the idea, I knew I would make it work – that’s the power of Bruce!”

Like the E Street Band on which it is modelled, the She Street Band is a sizeable affair featuring Calie Hough (drums), Mara Daniele (guitar), Lynn Roberts (keys), Clare McGrath (glockenspiel), Isabel Lysell (lead guitar) and Yasmin Ogilvie (sax).

“We are not a tribute band, we are a covers band,” said Jody.

“We don’t have one Bruce.

"We didn’t want to try and be him; that’s just not possible.

“There are four of the girls who will take the vocals at different times and I think that leads to a different experience for the audience. You never know who is going to step up and do the next song.”

Being performed by an all-girl band has, Jody believes, added a new dimension to Springsteen’s songs.

“A lot of his music is very personal and about human emotions and feelings and when it’s sung from the point of view of a woman it gives it a different depth altogether,” she said.

Springsteen fans are a devoted bunch, but they have taken to the She Street Band from the start.

“We were unsure how the fans would react but they have been amazingly supportive,” said Jody.

“We have had a lot of messages from women saying they have been massive Springsteen fans and it’s so cool to see seven women up there on stage.”

The band doesn’t just stick to what might be seen as a greatest hits set either, including lesser-known album tracks in the set.

“You think you know the songs but it’s not until you break them down that you discover a whole new side to them,” said Jody.

“I think anything can be done, it’s just if we’ve got the guts to do it.”

The She Street Band, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Friday, October 12. Details from