WHEN it comes to dance, Marlon Wallen has always had a vision. A successful backing dancer in his own right, he formed the dance group Flawless in 2005.

The group became a household name four years later when they reached the finals of Britain’s Got Talent being pitched against fellow dancers Diversity.

Two world dance championships and appearances in the hit movie franchise Street Dance cemented Flawless’ reputation for innovation and their first UK tour in 2010, Chase the Dream proved a massive success.

Now Flawless are back with a new live show - Chase the Dream: Reboot - which comes to Manchester next month as part of a 45-date UK tour.

“It is not just a dance show,” said Marlon. “Even if you didn’t think that you are into dance shows you will find something in this.

“There is a message in the show which is to chase the dream

“So many people are doing something but that’s not necessarily where they want to be; it’s not their dream job, it’s not where their passions lie. This show embraces that and inspires and encourages people to follow their dream and to create some sort of plan so that they can be where they want to be and doing what they want to do.”

The show uses the experiences of members of Flawless to make this point while at the same time giving the dancers the opportunity to dazzle the audience with their amazing blend of hip hop and street dance styles.

“Some things are definitely real life stories of members of Flawless which makes it more relatable,” said Marlon who admits that for Chase the Dream: Reboot he has, at times, felt more like a theatre director than a choreographer

“There has been a lot of preparation for the show, that’s for sure. As well as the choreography you’ve got a whole other side to deal with - it’s almost like putting a movie together where everyone on stage has to act and feel their character and go into the characters in more depth.”

With their championships and film and TV success, Marlon knows that Flawless are in a position to influence younger generations and its a responsibility the whole group takes seriously.

“Because you are successful, you are going to inspire others and so you can become a role model,” said Marlon. “This means you have to conduct yourself in the right manner; to paint the right picture for those who are up and coming.

“When we started out we were part of the old school and that reflected on how we did things. We have those morals and those standards that we live by and we try to instil them into the next generation.

“We may have been around for a while but what we are doing is as relevant as ever which means youngsters can relate to us and may be more willing to listen to what we have to say.”

Success with groups such as Flawless and Diversity and TV shows such as Strictly have pushed dance more into the mainstream than ever before but Marlon is keen to attract a new audience to the show.

“This is also a show with a message, it is not just entertainment with dancers doing what dancers do; it comes with a lot more substance,” he said. “The average person who isn’t a dance fan can come along and will walk away with something.

“You’ll walk out feeling inspired, feeling positive and probably shaking a leg as well.”

Flawless, Chase the Dream: Reboot, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, Sunday, September 16. Details from 0161 907 9000 or www.bridgewater-hall.co.uk