YOU could say that the Nissan LEAF is the leader of a quiet revolution.

Revolution? Electric vehicles are the future we are told, with development going on apace.

Quiet? Well, such cars set off at a whisper, with little sound increase as speed rises.

Leader? Customers bought 54,451 LEAFs in 2017 and Nissan has sold more than 320,000 since the model was introduced in 2010. The world’s best-selling electric vehicle, the all-new model has an improved range of 168 miles on a single charge which, from my experience of a week’s driving, seems achievable.

Weekend Wheels spent a week in a plush Tekna model and got to grips with electric-powered motoring. I’ve driven several hybrids and am well used to the silent start-up and barely audible take-off of such cars ... but soon after the petrol engine chimes in with a familiar note and takes over propulsion.

Of course in the LEAF this doesn’t happen, as it is ‘leccy’ all the way. With no gears to change and the option of ‘one-pedal’ motoring progress is sweetly stress-free.

The ‘one-pedal’ bit comes courtesy of the new e-Pedal which allows drivers to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop the car by simply increasing or decreasing pressure on the accelerator. It provides more control and can hold the stop even downhill.

The feature is selectable, so you don’t have to use it (and there is, of course, a brake pedal) but I found it a boon and the process of decelerating with the e-Pedal also helps generate power for the 40kw battery.

There are several ways to charge the battery with the cable provided via a socket concealed by a flap at the front of the car. At home you can use a Nissan charger or a domestic three-pin plug socket, while on the road you will need to locate a fast-charging point.

The five-door LEAF (it stands for Leading, Environmentally-friendly, Affordable Family vehicle) is roomy, comfortable and well appointed with features including privacy glass, electric folding door mirrors, front fog lamps, full projector halogen headlights with high beam assist, electric parking brake, automatic air conditioning, auto light and rain sensor with follow-me-home, an intelligent around-view monitor with moving object detection, and parking sensors.

The 147bhp on tap gives a 0-62mph time of 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 89.5mph (manufacturers figures). OTR price: £29,485 (inc extras) - includes £4,500 government grant.