TYLER Hilton built up a legion of fans when he starred on the cult TV show One True Hill.

But now as he returns to the UK for his biggest ever tour, he’s out to win over a whole new audience with his own brand of pop, rock and soul.

He comes to Manchester later this month virtually straight out of the studio completing his new album City on Fire.

“I’ve been working on this record pretty non stop for a while,” said Tyler, “We’ll be leaving for the UK soon and my wife’s coming with me so it will be a great getaway.”

Although the album is now complete, Tyler is still waiting for an official release date.

“I’ve turned over the record to adults who will make responsible decisions about it from now on,” he laughed. “My side is the making of the records and the performing on stage. I think there are smarter people out there who know the best way to put the record out there - but it is all done.”

For the album Tyler worked with former bandmate and family friend Jaco Caraco, who took time off from being musical director for Miley Cyrus.

“We grew up together and have played together forever,” said Tyler, “but this is the first album we have co-produced an album. It reminded me of being on the road with him at 19 again, it was great fun.”

For a couple of the tracks, Tyler brought in his former room mate Charles Kelley, part of one of the biggest bands in the country scene, Lady Antebellum.

“I shared a house with Charles and Dave Haywood before they started Lady A,” he said. “They were amazing even back them. My mum has a poster just after Lady Antebellum started which has me headlining and then them in very small type underneath as support.”

Tyler has earned a reputation as a songwriter, having worked with Michelle Branch, Taylor Swift and Joe Cocker. He’s also been involved in TV and film scores and he believes City on Fire reflects all these different musical influences.

“I wanted to be able to put out what I hear in my head and what moves me,” he said. “It’s like it all goes into a blender and stuff happens. I can’t write to a formula, if I did I’d be driving a way cooler car than I do now. But I’m thrilled with the results.”

On One Tree Hill based around the lives of high school teenagers growing up in a fictional town, Tyler played arrogant musician Chris Keller.

“To be honest I don’t know if it was good for me or not in the long term,” he said. “but it was probably more fun than anything I’ve ever done.

“I didn’t go to college because I got signed right out of high school so the closest thing to a college class that I had was the One Tree Hill experience. Tons of people love the show and I loved being on it. I was so lucky to be part of something fans so into.

“I also made some great friends on the show who I’m still in touch with.”

Tyler will be touring the UK with another One True Hill regular Kate Voegele.

Tyler also played Elvis Presley in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line.

“I think I’m mainly a musician who loves acting,” he said. “I love reading scripts and going for parts. When something works out and I can do it I’m super into it but in the meantime you’ll always find me touring or recording. It’s part of what I do. “

Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele, Gorilla, Manchester, Friday, June 29. Details from www.seetickets.com