THE Infiniti QX70 is no shrinking violet. It is a very luxurious SUV (sports utility vehicle) crossover that is big on looks and power.

The first of these qualities comes from sweeping lines that give the car the look of a muscular athlete, the second from a three-litre diesel engine and slick auto gearbox that make it perform like one.

Style-wise, the QX70 is the antidote to the current trend for super-crisp lines. I can think of several prestige models that look as though they have spent too long in the trouser press.

THE Infiniti QX70 is a‘statement car’, with its wide and purposeful front grille and long bonnet it announces you have arrived.

So, Lancashire Telegraph Weekend Wheels will file this meaty, yet svelte, 4x4’s exterior under ‘distinctive’ … and the interior under ‘lavish’. Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand (like Lexus is to Toyota) so driver and passengers are treated to a wealth of comforts.

High-quality leather heated seats? You get ’em (there’s a cooling function too) plus power-adjustment and memory function. Other features include automatic climate control, power-folding heated door mirrors, electrically operated boot lid, electric sunroof, cruise control, posh sat nav, Bluetooth and surround-cameras to aid parking (no scuffed alloys, thank you). The list of equipment gives new depth of meaning to the word ‘comprehensive’.

There’s a lovely touch of automotive theatre too, with ‘welcome lighting’ that illuminates the puddle lights as you approach. Then, as you get closer, the interior lights come into play. This choreographed sequence ends with the illuminated start/stop button inviting you

to bring the QX70 to life.

The driving experience is rewarding. The high seating position gives excellent visibility and the handling belies the size of the car, aided by continuous damping control. The four-wheel-drive is an intelligent system. When conditions are ideal, it sends all power to the rear wheels, but diverts up to half of the available power to the front when necessary.

With top-notch build quality and attention to detail, this handsome hunk of a motor is a strong contender in the luxury SUV class.

Details: 2993cc, V6 diesel engine with seven-speed auto gearbox; 0-60, 8.3 seconds, top speed, 132mph; 32.8mpg (combined); prices from £42,370 (OTR).

First published January 22, 2015