GRAEME Clark is used to performing in front of thousands of fans every night but he admits that the prospect of his new show which comes to Darwen Library Theatre next Friday is “mildly terrifying”.

Graeme, the main songwriter and bassist with Wet Wet Wet, is bringing his one-man show to the venue where he will be talking about his career, giving fans the chance to ask him questions and playing some songs along the way.

“Yes, it’s mildly terrifying,” he said, “but the beauty is I don’t know what is going to happen as I’ve never done it before.

“I’ve never sat up there and had people ask me questions about my career so in a way it’s quite daunting but then I think I know what I’m talking about especially the stuff I’ve created. I know where it has come from.

“When you think about it there are really only three things people can ask about - the past, present and future. It is a bit of a busk purely because I’ve not done it before but that’s part of the loveliness about it.”

With Wet Wet Wet, Graeme has played all over the world and had major hits including Goodnight Girl and Sweet Little Mystery.

“I’ve been going out on my own for a few years now playing Wet Wet Wet songs and some of my own songs,” he said, “and I’ve found that I’started to tell stories about how the songs came about. Point me in the direction of a mic and I can talk for Scotland, so in a sense I’ve been half doing the show already, it’s just never been formalised.”

Songwriting is something dear to Graeme’s heart and on the morning we speak he’s busy in his home studio working on material.

“It’s don’t have a big masterplan,” he said, “it’s about keeping the creative juices going.

“I don’t have a record company breathing down my neck saying ‘it’s not a hit single’ or insisting I get a flavour of the month producer in. It’s all me and that is liberating to make the music you want to make.”

Graeme is looking to put out a mini-album for the fans.

“I’m fortunate that there is an audience out there who enjoy my music and with the advent of social media I can reach them. I’m like a little cottage industry,” he laughed.

In July, Wet Wet Wet lead singer Marti Pellow announced he was quitting the band to pursue an acting and solo career.

But Graeme insists that it doesn’t mark the end of the band.

“Due respect to Marti, he wants to do his own thing,” he said, “and good luck to him, I hope it works out. But I think that Wet Wet Wet still has something to say musically. I’m a relatively young guy - I’m not ready to retire yet.

“There is no reason for us to call it a day. Marti was a big part of what Wet Wet Wet are, no doubt about it, and they are huge shoes to fill. But who knows? I think there are a couple of chapters still to be written in the Wet Wet Wet book. I’m not ready for hanging up the bass yet.”

An evening with Graeme Clark, Darwen Library Theatre, Friday, September 15. Details from 0844 847 1664 or