IT is probably safe to say that a bold cover version of Oasis’ anthem Wonderwall is not the sort of tune you would expect to hear at an a cappella concert.

But you might not have heard of Sons Of Pitches, who stamp their own a cappella identity on Blondie’s Heart of Glass, Kate Bush’s haunting Wuthering Heights and a stack of pop tunes that always have their enthusiastic following dancing in the aisles.

Winner of Gareth Malone’s Naked Choir on BBC2, Sons of Pitches’ reputation has continued to soar, and with their beautiful harmonies, street-smart beat-boxing, and a mighty dose of comedy, they are widely acknowledged as being responsible for having given a cappella a giant kick up the rear.

“Winning Naked Choir changed our lives overnight,” said singer Joe Belham.

“I’d busk outside Birmingham New Street Station to make ends meet, then the show beamed us into 10 million homes and people recognised us in the street.

“It was unbelievable really because it was a tiny seed of an idea when we were out having a pint one evening.”

Joe added: “At the start we thought we might make something of it, but then doors that were firmly locked before flew open because of that TV final.

“When we first formed and began getting publicity, a lot of people got a bit nerdy about what we were doing, but now we get church and a cappella groups coming to the shows and they love it.

“I was studying to be a teacher at university but what has happened since Naked Choir is like a crazy dream, especially when kids come up and say that we’ve really inspired them.”

The Sons of Pitches nationwide tour starts in Clitheroe next Friday, where the Grand Theatre’s audience will be the first to see the Sons’ new stage show.

The all-male ensemble will be celebrating the world of television, favourite TV themes, and sketches about panel and quiz shows.

“It is going to be a lot of fun because everybody watches TV don’t they?,” said Joe.

“We’ll be doing a medley on children’s TV programmes, so there will be plenty of nostalgic elements to the show.

“There’s some terrific stuff in there, Andy Pandy, Bagpuss, Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Tales of the Riverbank.

“And we will also be doing our own version of Countdown and Blind Date, so there’s going to be a lot of light-hearted interaction with the audience.”

It is a busy time for the Sons’, they release their debut album – Don’t Fret - ahead of their Grand show.

“It is a mixture of cover songs, tracks that people might have seen on YouTube or when they have come to see us. The rest is original songs.”

He added: “The Naked Choir taught us the importance of not showing off too much.

“Gareth Malone told us to focus on our singing, nothing more, and we’ve really taken that on board.”

Sons of Pitches, Grand Theatre, Clitheroe, Friday, June 2, Details from 01200 421599 or