SINGER, actress, TV personality, author – Toyah Willcox has gained fame from all of the above in a career spanning over 30 years.

And, as she prepares to come to East Lancashire for a special show celebrating her music she reveals she’s probably having the best time of her whole career.

“I’m fortunate to have had such longevity,” she said. “But I really do think this is the best time for me.”

In her new show which comes to Oswaldtwistle Civic Arts Centre next Friday, Toyah will be performing many of her hits acoustically.

For those familiar with her many chart successes including Thunder in the Mountains, Brave New World and Ieya, the idea of an acoustic show may, at first, be surprising.

But Toyah can put them at their ease.

“It all works fabulously well,” said the star who had eight top 40 singles and has released over 20 albums.

“I thought I’d give it a go so there’s me and two guitarists who can also both sing and that’s it.

“When you take away the drums and a lot of the volume the songs really prove themselves. You can hear the harmonies and people have been coming up after the show saying that they like many of the songs even more the acoustic way than the original.

“By not having all that volume you get from a full band you can let the songs tell the stories, you can hear the chord changes.

“I think the whole things works so well. We have two very well punctuated halves to the show which really allows the songs the chance to shine.”

Toyah is really happy that the acoustic format has led to audiences appreciating her songwriting abilities.

“I think the fans who were with me in the very early days realised that but then I think it was Toyah the artist that people used to see rather than the music and this tour is very much a return to the music for me.

“I like this format for a show because it also allows me to have a chat with the audience. The whole thing is a very satisfying thing to do.”

Toyah, Oswaldtwistle Civic Arts Centre, Friday, October 23. Details from 01254 398319.