THERE’S a new food craze taking over Tiktok and this time it’s pasta chips, a crunchy pasta snack made easily.

A trending hashtag with over 420 million views, people around the world have been trying it at home in their air fryers and say it’s the best thing they tasted, but is it true?

I try it for the Lancashire Telegraph, giving you my own take, taste test and if it really is that simple.

After watching dozens of other videos, I tried to find the best recipe and it was worth it.

I boiled and drained my pasta, then spread a little oil on them, a few dollops of red pesto, parmesan, paprika, salt and oregano.

That’s really it – definitely simple and if you don’t have or want to use things like paprika then you can take it out and use taco seasoning or nothing at all.

A lot of the recipes vary a little according to the person’s own preferences, so don’t be afraid to make your own version.

Some people used buffalo sauce or sriracha sauce too but don’t go crazy, this is not meant to be a cooking masterclass.

Once I mixed the ingredients together, I emptied it into the air fryer and set it for 15 minutes, which was what most people were setting theirs too.

I made sure I checked it halfway, turning them over but I still ended up going an extra five minutes when some of the pasta chips hadn’t quite made it to the crispy side.

My tip is to use less pasta if you can, cooking too much in one go was my mistake but don’t worry if you burn a few, turns out this is also normal in Tiktok world.

If you don’t have an air fryer, then don’t fret because you can also use a deep fryer.

When they were done, I added some fresh coriander (to make it look good) and then ate them with a jalapeno hummus dip.

Feel free to experiment with dips too, salsa is a popular choice as well as sour chive.

A lot of people are stuck on whether they should be fully crispy or not, as sometimes this can mute the flavours.

I liked mine crispy but next time will be cooking them for less time because I may have overcooked them while trying to get the soft ones crunchy.

It takes around 40 minutes as you consider waiting times, but prep only takes five.

So, what do you think? If you’re trying it, comment below or tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook @thelancstelegraph and let us know how you did.