Hop Back Brewery’s Crop Circle (4.2 per cent abv) and Summer Lightning (5 per cent abv).

Both about £2.20 a pint in pubs or £1.90 per bottle in major supermarkets and specialist beer sellers.

A couple of ales from the Wiltshire-based Hop Back Brewery, which I have seen having an increasing presence around pubs.

First up is Crop Circle, an extremely pale ale that has a great citrus nose but isn’t the most flavoursome ale from the Hop Back stable.

That said, the hints of coriander and vanilla do give it something to tickle the tastebuds — it is just that I prefer a maltier brew.

Aftertaste is bitter with coriander, but fades quickly leaving me wanting a bit of something more. A decent session ale nonetheless.

No such problems with the excellent Summer Lightning, a stronger affair weighing in at five per cent abv.

A multi-award winner that is a much livelier pour with a decent head and gives the drinker a punchier and hoppier feel in the mouth.

Very much a summery session beer — the hint is in the title! — this is perfect barbecue stock.

I am aware I have touted a number of beers as perfect for barbecues but why stick at one taste throughout an afternoon when the frequent offers in our supermarkets make it easier than ever to add a bit of variety to your event.