TWO chefs who started a chutney business as a sideline four years ago are so busy one has been compelled to leave his full-time job.

Paul Ainscough and Robert Weekes, worked alongside each other in the kitchens at Eaves Hall in Clitheroe when they had the chutney brainwave.

They started experimenting in their kitchens with some unusual combinations and took their products – Fatjax Chutneys – to sell at local farmers’ markets.

So inundated are they with orders that Paul has given up his full-time job, while Robert continues to work full time at Pleasington Golf Club in Blackburn.

And the exotic nature of some of their products maybe the key to their success. Fiery Bengali Pineapple and Southern Indian Spiced Mango chutneys were inspired by Rob’s many visits to India. Other similarly delicious offerings include apple, plum and grape, mushroom, hot smoked tomato and pepper and peach and ginger.

He says: “The Apple Pear and Saffron chutney is full-bodied and great with Lancashire cheese whilst the Mediterranean Vegetable Relish is good with simply grilled fish, like seabass, or added to bolognese.”

Local butchers are even adding it to sausages. Bobby’s Bangers won a national award when they added the Bengali Pineapple to their sausages. Other outlets have added them as pie toppings. The products are now available at 15 local shops.

Says Robert: “We are looking for premises for the new year. The response has been amazing.

“Paul is having to turn down orders because we’re getting so many.”