A Blackburn lingerie shop is to feature in Channel 4 show Undercover Boss tonight.

Ann Summers deputy managing director Vanessa Gold posed as a new shop assistant to discover what went on behind the scenes both in store and at Ann Summers parties.

The show will see her don a wig and work alongside May Rasheed, 48, Maureen Maher, 38, Jessica Halliwell, 23, and Anita Stevenson.

The women were told that she was called Julia and hadn’t worked for 15 years.

To explain the cameras, they said she was taking part in a Channel 4 series about re-entering employment.

Jessica, of Clayton-le-Moors, said: “We were a bit suspicious.

"We knew something was going on, but didn’t think it was as big as Undercover Boss.

“Vanessa was with us for two days. It was only meant to be one day with us and one day in Blackpool, but the director liked the group, and cancelled the Blackpool filming.

“It was a good experience overall, but I’m worried about what they will show because all my family will be watching and recording it.

“I took Vanessa along to an Ann Summers party one night and we had her lying in all sorts of positions.

"When you think about who she actually is, you can’t believe it.

“She’s a really good actress, because she came across as really shy and could've even bring herself to say some of the names of the toys we have.”

Filming took place in February, followed last month by the four women being summoned to see chief executive Jacqueline Gold at the brand’s headquarters.

Jessica added: “I was first in and Jacqueline said that she had some feedback from the filming.

"I was really worried that it was something bad, but then Vanessa walked in without the glasses and wig.

“I was looking at her, knowing that I recognised her, but the blonde hair confused me for a bit.

“Jacqueline then revealed that it had all been for Undercover Boss and that it had been a valuable exercise for the company.”

Vanessa said she enjoyed her time undercover, adding: “The store colleagues were fantastic fun to work with and made me feel so welcome as a ‘newcomer’ to their stores.

"I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their team.”

* The episode of Undercover Boss will be shown on Channel 4 at 9pm tonight.