AS he’s got older Trevor Eve appears to have developed toff’s hair.

That was my first observation a couple of minutes into this new adaptation of Andrea Newman’s novel Bouquet of Barbed Wire, which was first screened in 1978.

Obviously, that’s a sign that things weren’t going well, but stick with this and you will be rewarded.

Eve has obviously moved on since his days as private detective Eddie Shoestring and his floppy hair was befitting of his character, wealthy architect Peter Manson.

Manson’s beloved daughter Prue sleeps with her creepy teacher Gavin — the excellent Tom Riley really does make you shiver — and things take a sinister turn. Gavin knows a bit more about the Mansons than he should, Peter embarks upon an affair with a new employee and just who is Paula? Whatever the answer to that question is, she has her name tattooed on Gavin’s arm and he gets very angry at any mention of her.

This gripping psychological drama is a bit of a slow burner, but once it gets going it really does hot up. It twists and turns, and as it becomes darker and nastier, the music becomes faster and more sinister.

The wedding celebration in Gavin’s tower block flat doesn’t really hit the spot with Peter, nor does Gav telling him: “If I’m inside Prue, I’m inside Cassie (Pete’s wife) and I’m inside you.”

This first episode of three ended in violence and left us on the brink of finding out just how Gavin knows so much about the family and what makes Prue’s questions about Paula cause him to beat her so badly.

Episode two has been screened by now — but, if you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t want to spoil it — and I get the feeling we’re in for some very difficult viewing leading up to a less than comfortable conclusion.

This is one drama that is definitely not for the Strictly Come Dancing fans.