I WAS off work last week and while enjoying a walk on a Devon beach I thought of an idea for a television programme.

What I may just pitch to the powers that be is that the next time I take a break they come along and film me chatting to some locals and maybe enjoying a delicacy or watching someone cook a meal that is stereotypical of the place I am in.

That could be, say, fish and chips when at the seaside or something potato-based in Ireland. Or maybe a black pudding in Bury, just like every politician that came this way over the past month.

Naturally, the boss at the BBC, or whichever channel is lucky enough to receive my proposal, will no doubt tell me to stuff my idea on the grounds that it is (a) stupid and/or (b) unoriginal.

Obviously, top Aussie chef Bill Granger wasn’t told to take his plan elsewhere, or maybe he was as it appears to have ended up on the Good Food Channel.

Yes, Granger is quite a pleasant chap and comes across well — as I would if I was handsomely paid for travelling the length and breadth of Australia and chatting to “unusual characters”.

He meets a guy out in the tropics in Queensland, whose wooden house has been built a bit too close to scary creatures, such as snakes, for my liking. So maybe I would miss out Queensland.

The programme is described as part-pilgrimage and part-travelogue but with the emphasis firmly on food. Given the title, I would say the emphasis is actually firmly on holiday, as Bill takes in the sun and the beautiful scenery, explains how to deal with a grapefruit and makes some mandarin puds.

Apparently, it’s all about taking time out to cook at leisure whether for outdoor summer dining or relaxed fireside suppers. It’s going to be the latter in Bolton, Bill me old cobber.

Oddly, when I went to Queensland I had to pay a hell of a lot of money for the privilege and, because I’m not as lucky as Bill, it rained most of the time.

Bill makes for an amiable presenter, his subjects seem at ease with him, he looks good on camera and talks well. Come on Good Food Channel, I can match all of those attributes, I’m up for it and I’m cheaper than him.

Much cheaper than him.

Also, because of the snake situation over in Oz, I’m actually quite happy going to Blackpool, Southport, Cleethorpes etc.