Whilst visiting Darwen Live, I noticed there was not many spots to sit down and grab some food.

But I did spot a quaint blue painted café where many people were enjoying the music outside, and decided to try it myself.

Located right next to Darwen Market, Deli Carlo in Croft Street states it provides 'lovely coffee served in a lovely environment' with 'wonderful tasty deli foods to take home with you'.

Noticing the specials board, I thought the lunchtime meal deal sounded great and decided an Italian sandwich was just what I fancied.

Starting from £8.30, Deli Carlo offer a meal deal that consists of a 'delicious Italian sandwich' on a choice of bread - either ciabatta or focaccia - which also includes a choice of a hot or cold drink, and a packet of Fiddler's Lancashire crisps or a cookie.

Lancashire Telegraph:

We actually opted for a wrap as we thought the fillings sounded better; I went for a 'La Mancha' wrap, consisting of goat's cheese, chorizo, red onions, olives, mixed leaf salad and chilli mayo, all my favourite ingredients.

My mum went for a 'Spartacus Wrap', which consisted of tzatziki, feta cheese, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions and olives. Not exactly Italian, but definitely to her taste as a 'Mediterranean' option.

We were that hungry we forgot to take a photo beforehand, but it actually looked more appetising once you bit into it and saw the ingredients.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The deli also boasts a stock of 'cured meats, lovely Italian cheeses and a great selection of olives, sun blushed tomatoes and stuffed peppers' and a range of coffees; we went for an iced latte and a cappuccino.

Lancashire Telegraph:  

Next time, I would love to try their 'Diavoro Calabrese' panini, consisting of hot salami, sun-dried tomatoes, anchovies, cheese and hot salsa.

There really was something for everyone, as Deli Carlo also offers soups such as Minestrone with a choice of bread, and salad boxes with options for olives, stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

It's just a shame its website and social media offerings seem to be unavailable most of the time, as I believe the place could do even better if it upped that offering. But maybe it shows that it doesn't need it!

I would also say staffing is slightly slow - they forgot one of our drinks and our cutlery - but it was quickly resolved and with politeness, and we can forgive them seeing as they were packed with Darwen Live musicgoers.

If you find yourself in Darwen, whether there is an event on or not, Deli Carlo is well worth a try.