Banny's British Kitchen

Boundary Outlet, Vivary Way, Colne

Some people might frown upon anyone messing with the traditional fish and chips. Yet, it has been done well on occasions.

Banny’s British Kitchen is synonymous with the spicy fish. I have been to places, mostly backstreet trailers, where they just throw a few chillies on top and call it ‘spicy’ fish’. I think they try to do a lot more here.

I had just spent an hour or so wandering around Boundary Mill without any phone signal.

The shopping complex is probably the most underrated place in Lancashire, but it would be great to have a phone signal so I can keep abreast of the news.

On the way out we spotted the Banny’s restaurant and decided to give it a go. I had been to the Banny’s takeaway many years ago but never here.

The interior looks smart enough and there is plenty of space between the tables. We got a warm welcome which makes a huge difference.

We opted for the aptly named, ‘Famous Indian fish and chips’ and the ‘Bombay chicken and chips’.

We did not have to wait long for the food which is always a good sign.

The meal was well presented and there were several pieces of fish. It came with a side of chips and a curry sauce tub.

Lancashire Telegraph: The Bombay chicken and chips at Banny's (below)

Lancashire Telegraph:

This Indian fish and chips will set you back close to £16 and on average the meals were around £13.

A tad pricy you might think but this is a well-made fish and chips and very filling, proving a little bit of innovation never hurt anyone.

The same cannot be said however of the chicken and chips, which I think were a little overpriced for what you got.

You got the same sides, but you should get a few more chicken pieces at that price, which left us feeling a little underwhelmed at what other non-fish dishes might be like.

A big plus here was the great service with all the staff were very helpful and happy to assist with any queries. 

People do remember a good meal but we also remember how we were treated from the moment we stepped in to the time we left.

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