It is not easy making a great steak. It takes a lot of effort, and if you get it wrong people notice.

A number of new steak houses have opened up in recent years in Blackburn.

Sian Meathouse, in Lower Audley Street, is the latest to bring big slabs of meat to the table.

Now, before we go any further you have to know that steak houses like these are not cheap.

You have to be prepared to spend upwards of £25 to  £30 per person, even more for those with a bigger appetite.

At that price you want the place to treat you like royalty and food to deliver each and every time. There really is no room for mistakes.

I also feel there is also actually no point heading down to one of these unless you do have one of the main steaks. That is what they say they are good at.

This restaurant is one of those Turkish-style meat houses that have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The menu is simple, but more detailed than others I have frequented and offers a range of beef and lamb options.

There are slow cooked beef ribs (£19), sirloin steaks (£22) and lamb chops (£25) you would except.

At the top end there is the Wagyu ribeye and Tomahawk, priced at £90, and T-bone and ribeye on the bone at £70.

For those wanting chicken options there is the chicken fillet steak (£18), Mexican chicken and chicken teriyaki.

There are also vegetarian and fish options, including salmon and sea bass. There is also a good choice of burgers which come with fries and onion rings.

As a starter we ordered the grilled haloumi and spicy prawns. There was even some grilled octopus listed.

The prawns were extremely tasty and certainly something I would recommend.

The sauce itself should be bottled up and sold separately! On the downside you don’t get many prawns. 

I opted for the Texas steak, a 12oz sirloin offering which comes with creamy potato and onion rings. You can pick from a variety of sides.

You may want the chips but these have to be bought separately, and can’t be swapped for the onion rings. The reason for this I'm not sure.

I decided to keep some of the prawn sauce and have it with the steak.

I could not really fault the food. The steaks were very well presented and the service from the front desk onwards was impeccable.

The nicest touch is for the manager or someone senior to take a moment to welcome you and also go through the menu with you. Suggestions are always welcome.

I would advise they get some partitions to the front area, as if you are sitting next to the door it can be quite draughty. This is probably something that can be addressed easily but effectively.

Elsewhere the seating and surroundings were impressive.

The interior has been wonderfully kitted out and this restaurant is a welcome addition to the food scene in Blackburn.

The restaurant is based opposite the Pizza Hut and Matalan, and many will remember Chiquito’s and Frankie and Benny’s at this location.

It is one of those funny spots where you drive past and want to stop, but then don’t want to put the effort in of parking.

Then there is a huge car park opposite, and I am sure the retail folk won’t mind us parking there – we may even pop into the stores and buy some cut price linen.

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