There is something about pizza made the right way.

We have become accustomed to the takeaway pizza. Yes, they may taste good but it is not what you call a ‘real pizza’.

I recollect hurrying down to the Godfather on Blakey Moor for many years for the pizza (and the excellent doner on pitta) and then we kind of all lost our way.

There have been classics but few have attempted to give us something a little different.

A friend of mine visited Italy some back and was a little concerned how we had 'bastardised' the famous pizza.

A halal pizza place in particular was something quiet a few of us have hankered for over the years so it was only a matter of time someone decided to open one of these.

Gone are on the says when one had to opt for the seafood and vegetarian options in Pizza Hut and other famous branches.

On our visit to Bellagio in Darwen Street, Blackburn, we opted for the Simply Hot pizza and the Hot Shot Parmesan. 

The service is pretty decent and the staff are happy to suggest any options. It is also good to see how staff treat other customers. A group after us also got the same gold star treatment.

The food itself is not as pricey, with burgers, wraps and lasagne on offer.

Lancashire Telegraph:

You have to pay upwards of £8 now for a 12-inch pizza from a takeaway, and here they are charging a quid more.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The interior of Bellagio celebrates ‘new Blackburn’, and there is a real relaxed atmosphere about the place.

On the downside the seating could be a little more comfortable for someone approaching his more senior years. Also I would like to see the main menu on the table and not on the wall.

The big bonus is the location. This part of Darwen Street, which has been for decades kept together by Ainsworth Jewellers, Hobkirk Sewing Machines and Edmondson's Furniture down the road, had been abandoned.

If it was not for those businesses and the odd newsagent, I am not sure what would have happened to this famous stretch of road.

Now, with a number of plush new eating spots it is quickly becoming a draw for shoppers across the county.

Would I come here again? Well, most likely but I would stick to the pizza, because that is what they do best.

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