CAN anyone at Channel Four explain to me why the remarkable final episode of the finest US import ever to grace our TV screens was being shown at midnight?

Surely, whoever decided to put on the conclusion to The Sopranos AFTER Skins deserves condemnation.

It's akin to owning a Ferarri and keeping it locked away in the garage all the time.

When TV has all too few moments of quality, The Sopranos has, over six wonderful series brought us the trials and tribulations of everyday Mafia-folk.

Surely if ever a series deserved primetime billing (or at least as near to primetime as you can get after the watershed), then this was it.

It's not even as though Channel Four has been taken by surprise by the success of the series.

It's won awards galore and regularly features in top five lists all around the world.

And yet it has been treated shamefully by the schedulers, bouncing around the network like some unwanted child's toy thrown carelessly from the pram.

It's not good enough to say well it's all been on More4', not everyone has access to these channels.

When you have got a jewel you should show it off to its maximum advantage, not hide it away.

Sometimes you really do have to wonder!