Special episodes of The Office and The Big Bang Theory top a survey of most popular Christmas sitcom specials.

After surveying 3,256 sitcom devotees to find the ultimate sitcoms of all time, the TV team at OnBuy looked at the highest-rated Christmas episodes per show, according to IMDb, to reveal the best Christmas specials of all time.

'Christmas Special, Part 2' tops the list with a high score of 9.5 stars out of 10. The British Office’s special was also the series finale, with 70% of IMDb users giving a weighted average vote of 10 stars. "This Christmas Special qualifies as a top-notch series finale", according to an IMDb user.

Lancashire Telegraph: In second place, with 9.2 stars, is 'The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis' from The Big Bang Theory. Described by an IMDb user as the "most hilarious holiday episode of The Big Bang Theory", this Christmas special was voted by 5,155 fans and received 55% of the weighted average vote of 10 stars on IMDb.

Ranking third is 'A Very Sunny Christmas' from the comedy show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Although it shares the same star rating as the show ranking second (9.2), the holiday special received 3,591 votes, 1,636 less.

Scoring 8.8 stars out of 10, Seinfield's episode 'The Strike' makes the top 10.  This Christmas special, from the classic sitcom, was rated by 2,344 IMDb users, with over 45% rating 10 stars. The episode is known in pop culture for making the Festivus holiday, celebrated on the 23rd of December.

The special episode 'Christmas' from Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes the top 15 with 8.2 stars. According to IMDb, the episode received 19% of the weighted average vote of 10 stars, compared to 38% of 8 stars.