SHERRI Rosen-Mason, an admissions officer at a leading New Hampshire Boarding School, is played with punch by Alex Kingston in Joshua Harmon's Admissions at the Lowry.

She is trying to make the once all-white establishment into one reflecting the racial diversity of the USA and is succeeding well in her politically correct aims.

But it soon transpires that she's a hypocrite. We see what she really thinks when her friend Ginnie's (Sarah Hadland) black son win a place at Yale whilst her son Charlie fails to do so.

It falls hard on Charlie's shoulders and Ben Edelman, who plays him, gives a tongue twister of a monologue about fairness and unfairness. His fire is aimed at his parents whom he believes have sacrificed his future because of their racial favouritism which, it transpires is genuine, so long as it doesn't affect them directly.

There is humour in this play although it ultimately hits at the jugular.

It is thought-provoking and asks a lot of questions. Does charity begin at home? Are middle class white boys less important than their ethnic counterparts? Should pushy parents be given priority to get their children into good schools?

Just how true is the well-meaning interference of white liberals in their attempts to appear holier than thou?

The play lasts one hour fifty minutes without an interval.

Admissions run until June 22. Details from 0843 308 6000 or