FOR over 50 years Ray Laidlaw and Billy Mitchell have devoted their lives to creating what Oscar Wilde called ‘the nightly miracle’.

On Wednesday, the pair will be telling The Lindisfarne Story to fans of all ages at Bury Met sharing anecdotes and playing songs from the band’s early days through their huge commercial success in the Seventies right up to today.

“Wilde used the term for the theatre but I think it applies equally to music,” said Ray, drummer and one of the founder members of the legendary North East outfit.

“It’s such a wonderful phrase as it sums up what happens. You gather together a bunch of people in a space and you suspend time for a couple of hours and together you create a moment that will never happen again – that’s very special.”

Ray and Billy have been out on the road several times with the show which seems to be getting more popular with every tour.

“The thing is, this story of ours covers a lot of bases,” said Ray. “If you are interested in music from that era, from the Sixties and Seventies onwards, you can come along and really enjoy it.

“You could even come along and in theory not know anything about Lindisfarne at all and still enjoy it. Our paths have crossed a lot of other people’s - it’s been an interesting journey.”

Hits like Lady Eleanor, Meet Me on the Corner and Fog on the Tyne cemented Lindisfarne’s place in music history.

“We were a bunch of pals who had similar interests,” said Ray.”We were all obsessed with music. Looking back now I certainly realise how lucky we have been to make a living doing something we love.”

Part of the show’s success is the friendship shared by Ray and Billy, who fronted the band in later years.

“It’s been our lives,” said Ray, “it’s an ongoing saga and it’s not finished by a long way.”

The Lindisfarne Story, Bury Met, Wednesday, April 3. Details from 0161 761 2216 or