WHEN it comes to the art of songwriting, Graham Gouldman has a pedigree which rivals anyone in the business.

He was barely out of his teens when, in the mid Sixties, he wrote a string of his including For Your Love for the Yardbirds, Look Through Any Window and Bus Stop by the Hollies and No Milk Today for Herman’s Hermits - and that was just the start of the story.

The Seventies saw him beginning his association with 10cc and hits including Dreadlock Holiday and I’m Not in Love.

Next month, Graham will be back in his home home city when he brings 10cc to the Bridgewater Hall.

“It’s always nice to come closer to home,” he said, “and it’s always a particular pleasure to come to the Bridgewater Hall. The acoustics there are great. There’s just never enough time as I’ve got mates up there but with every gig there is always so much to do.”

Now 72, Graham’s enthusiasm for making music remains as strong as ever.

“I love what I’m doing and want to do it as long as I can,” he said. “It’s really amazing what has happened – we seem to have got busier and busier.

“We find we get an audience of an age you would expect but I think their children are coming now and we’re even getting their grandchildren coming as well. It is particularly gratifying to see that next generation coming along. I suppose it’s because they heard our music when they were growing up but also that people want to see real musicians playing live and want to hear those songs again.”

Part of that appeal is firmly down to the quality of the songs but Graham admits the lasting impact of any song is not something he ever considers.

“No, you’re not ever trying to achieve anything like that,” he said. “You’re just doing what you want to do but it’s very nice that it’s worked out and people still want to hear the music.”

After all this time you could forgive him for being a little jaded about the demands of being a professional musician but that’s not the case.

“Most aspects of what I do in music is an absolute pleasure,” he said. “Nothing to do with the music itself is negative. It’s the stuff around it like the travelling and, with respect, talking about the same thing for the eight billionth time that can get a little wearing. Let’s face it everything is so well documented these days you could easily create an interview with me without ever talking to me.”

The current tour will see 10cc performing many of their hits but Graham promised a few surprises.

“The set list has changed a bit from the last tour and we’ve added some new visuals which Kevin Godley (the band’s original drummer) has done for us,” said Graham. “We’ll be doing all the hits that are expected from us plus various album tracks.

“I never honestly get tired and think ‘oh no not this again’ when we play one of the hits. I never resent playing a song.

“I always look at it as a member of the audience and it’s the first time that I’ve ever seen us play. I limit myself to thinking ‘what do the audience want?’ No matter how many times you have played a song it’s different every night. There is a different feeling in the audience and that affects how you respond.”

One thing’s for sure, Graham knows that the effect 10cc will have on the audience.

“I know from experience no matter how they react at the beginning of the show, I know how they are going to react at the end.

“You will be mine at some point,” he laughed.

10cc, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, Sunday, March 10. Details from 0161 907 9000 or www.bridgewater-hall.co.uk