SIXTEEN years since their debut, Turin Brakes’ tangled, sometimes meandering take on acoustic rock sounds beautifully self-assured rather than weary or battered by age.

The band’s inspirational leader, Olly Knights, is sat in a grid-locked London traffic jam, he tells me, heading to the studio where Turin Brakes are fine tuning their new album, Invisible Storm.

“I often think about the process of making a record, because outside of the band, and our fans who buy it, it is virtually meaningless,” said Knights, ahead of their show at the Grand, Clitheroe on Saturday

“But for us it massively defines our lives, determines our very existence.

“Obviously we’ve come and gone into fashion, as bands do when they stay alive as long as we have.

“Fashion isn’t important, though, it is how we see the world.

“I’ve heard friends in bands say, ‘We’re not fashionable any more,’ so we stopped.

“I say, ‘Are you crazy?

“It can test your belief, but you just have to trust your inner voice.

“We’ve had millions of setbacks, but you can fuel creativity by how you respond to getting a hit in life.

“It is like a gambler’s addiction. Well, you lost that one – let’s roll the dice again.”

Lost Property, their previous album, roared into the top 30 and singles – Keep Me Around, Save You and Jump Start, culled from the record, proved to be hugely popular.

“We can make as much philosophical indie music as we like but why not also write a pop song and raid the charts?

“I think we’re really pleased to still be making music after all this time, because we never wanted to be one of those bands that put out one great album and then stopped.

“We want to put out 10 (albums), so when you get to the end of your career there will be all these great stepping stones going right back to the beginning, because that’s what our favourite artists did.

“It’s a lifetime body of work really.”

Knights understands that for many Turin Brakes fans, their music evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for their earliest material, along with anticipation for the new sounds coming in their next release.

“We grew up in a completely different universe and we fully understand that people will be nostalgic and we love that, as long as there’s room for other stuff as well.

“That’s part of the challenge and I love that.”

Turin Brakes, Grand Theatre, Clitheroe, Saturday, October 28. Details from 01200 421599 or