IT was a show billed as classics, hits and anthems and with a full band behind her the pint-sized punk princess Toyah delivered them all with aplomb.

Of late, many of Toyah’s live appearances have been acoustic evenings where stories from her career have shared the stage with re-worked versions of her songs.

Enjoyable they may be, but this was a night of 100 per cent full-on Toyah with swirling synths, pounding drums and howling guitar.

Somehow she’s 59, but looks amazing and her energy on a sweaty Saturday night in Blackburn never once faltered.

She pranced, danced and entranced as she rattled off all the hits opening up with Good Morning Universe and ending with an encore of the wondrously barking Ieya.

Her voice was in fine form and the setlist ranged from Neon Womb from debut album Sheep Farming in Barnet through to Sensational from In the Court of the Crimson Queen.

She also threw in covers from her time in the show Vampire’s Rock such as Rebel Yell and an alternative version of These Boots Are Made For Walking, a single she released with her experimental trio Humans.

This was Toyah living up to her own mantra – Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard) – and the audience lapped it up.

Although a seated gig, the diehards went to the front of the stage and created a first for me – a kneeling mosh pit – allowing those behind to see. “I’m glad I put some underwear on” she quipped as they worshipped at her feet.

Toyah appeared to be enjoying it as much as the audience, encouraging everyone to stand up towards the end and come and have a selfie taken while she sang Danced.

It would be all too easy to dismiss this show as yet another heritage act just churning out the hits.

But the warrior princess has got far more fight in her than that – and perhaps surprisingly the songs have stood the test of time.

Sure it was nostalgic, but it was also hugely enjoyable. If Toyah’s on the bill at a festival near you this summer, you won’t be disappointed.