WHAT is your favourite locally brewed ale? It’s a question I am constantly asked on my beery travels.

Our local pubs and clubs are blessed with a plethora of locally brewed ales on the bar, ales you witness all year round, core beers that account for a large percentage of a breweries annual production.

So, what are my local favourites? Blimey, there are so many I enjoy, when visiting the locality’s numerous fine watering holes. It was a head scratcher. However, I finally managed to identify a favoured quaffable quintet.

I have based my selection on ‘session’ type ales; ales that beer aficionados usually announce with a sense of nirvana. It’s a beverage that is consumed during the course of the afternoon or night - or maybe both!

Let me commence with a deliciously light, golden bitter, from Blackburn brewer, Three B’s. Bobbins Bitter (3.8%) has a caramel malt aroma. It’s a malt and fruit flavoured thirst quencher, moderately bitter hopped with a dry finish. A belting Bob Bell beverage.

Another all year round favourite has to be Bowland Brewery, Hen Harrier (4%). The Clitheroe brewery cannot brew enough of this easy drinking golden ale. Its biscuity malt, soft lemon and floral notes are a perfect marriage. A tad peppery too with a pleasantly dry, malty finish.

Burnley-based Reedley Hallows presented me with an either or situation. Both their Pendleside and New Laund Dark are always very agreeable on my palate. However, it was the latter that prevailed. A deliciously smooth,dark stout, at 4.4%. With a roasted malt aroma, dark fruits, bitter chocolate, peppery and a tad smokey, a brewing masterpiece.

Another fine session ale that is available all year round is Moorhouse’s, Pride of Pendle (4.1%). It’s simply class in glass. A quality traditional amber bitter offering malty aroma that leads to flavours of biscuity malt, soft lemon and sweet caramel. Soft mouthfeel and a long dry finish. It’s a perfectly balanced ale.

My final fab five selection comes courtesy of the Big Clock brewery in Accrington. Their innovative beers are immensely popular throughout East Lancs and beyond.

Dark Knight is a barrel-aged stout at 4.5%. With a tight, creamy tan head and roasted malt aroma, it’s a rich, silky smooth slurp. Chocolate, liquorice and a hint of spice (white pepper) are present offering a warming finish. Unmissable smoothy down the local from talented brewer, Justin Grant.