THE Cottontown Sound Corporation, with former Stiffs guitarist Strang in their ranks, have released their latest single, the toe-tapping On the Streets That Made Me.

Ian Fleming, who fronted popular local band the Miracle Birds in the early 1990s, and provides the vocals on Cottontown Sound’s latest offering, said: “I was raised in Haslingden — at 22 Holly Avenue — and the song is about growing up there.

“It is about reconnecting with my roots and remembering my dad, who died when I was a 14-year-old at Haslingden High School.

“The field where we once played is now part of the M65 at Road End, but I’ve so many memories of that place.

“There’s an added poignancy with my two kids singing on the song too.”

Fleming owns his own television production company, based in Surrey. He has produced and written screenplays and TV shows — including nearly 100 episodes of Hollyoaks.

Having also penned their new song I’m Sorry, the accompanying track on their release and recorded at Clitheroe’s Grand Theatre, he added: “It sort of arrived one morning in the house I stay at in Liverpool — Springwood Lodge — when I’m directing Hollyoaks.

“I’ve written a few songs there and plan to call our forthcoming album Springwood.

“We are all huge Beatles fans, and the house is close to where John Lennon and Paul McCartney were born.

“It’s funny, inspiration always just seems to arrive when I stay at Springwood. This is isn’t about attempting to get famous, or trying to be 25 again. It is purely about songwriting,” said Fleming, who leads the musical collective with Stiffs guitarist Strang, bass player Joan Bimson, and drummer Paul Chester.

The cover of the single features Fleming’s old school friend Kirk, the sticks man with eighties Rossendale ska band The Valiants.

Cottontown Sound Corporation’s debut EP — Please, Please, Please — is a bass and brass-fired vintage footstomper, with Blackburn’s Boulevard and The Hake Boat Chip Shop both landing name checks.

The EP made a television debut as a musical accompaniment on an episode of Hollyoaks and Cottontown Sound Corporation are planning to play live this year.

Cottontown Sound Corporation CD available via I Tunes, Spotify and Amazin’ Radio.