SCOTT Maley was labouring on a Black Country building site when he left school, dreaming of a life of rock and roll stardom.

Now, playing Queen’s enigmatic front man Freddie Mercury in copyists Supreme Queen, he has found a new labour of love.

Maley plays an uncannily realistic Freddie with just the right look, stage persona and, most importantly of all, Mercury’s incredibly powerful voice.

“Being Freddie is my work now and it is an amazing life because I’ve always loved their sound and admired Freddie’s contribution to music,” said Maley.

“The first song I sung live was Queen’s One Vision in my cousin’s band called One BZ at a working men’s club in Wolverhampton, and now we are playing to audiences all the over the world.

“When we did the international Queen convention in St Tropez 10,000 people turned up and that was incredible.”

Although Queen kept going after Mercury’s death in 1991, mega hits like Bohemian Rhapsody, We are the Champions, Radio Ga GA and We Will Rock You mean they are still revered as rock royalty.

“Queen was always a lot more than a group, though, because they improvised their music to fit any genre, from classical to rock,” added Maley. “They had great songs, but there was vaudeville in their shows too and they brought those ingredients into their live performances.

“There was always an element of surprise in their music and that’s what made them great and dazzled their audiences.”

Maley is joined onstage by Nathan Myers, who brings all the electric guitar virtuosity required to a play a very convincing Brian May.

Supreme Queen’s attention to detail is impressive and extends to their use of the exact same equipment used by Queen on stage in their heyday.

“Although I never met Freddie Mercury, I don’t feel any great pressure playing him on stage because he was always such a part of my life when I was listening to him sing with Queen.”

Supreme Queen, Clitheroe Grand Theatre, Saturday, July 26. Details from 01200 421599.