JOFF Oddie is cooking up a tasty treat with BBC Radio One favourites Wolf Alice.

Joff’s uncle Bill and cousin Lara run Lancashire bakers, Oddie’s, based in Nelson, and are famous for their pies and fondant fancies.

Now Joff is hoping the rip roaring guitar noise of Wolf Alice could have discovered their own recipe for success as they bare their teeth at Glastonbury and Ribble Valley’s Beat-Herder this summer following a sell-out tour.

“It will be like coming home for me when we play Beat-Herder because I spent so much time in Lancashire as a child visiting the folks - it was always a special time in my life,” said Joff.

“They were great memories for me, my father and grandad both worked for Oddie’s Bakery.

“We’d often go back home in the car to Cornwall, where I lived, weighed down with trays of Eccles’ Cakes, sausage rolls, fancies and meat and potato pies.

“My dad was a big Oldham Tinkers fan, and he always tried to get me to listen to them.

“I’ve always loved the north, and I’m very proud of my Lancashire roots because it is a big part of my personal heritage.

“Happy Mondays are headlining Beat Herder aren’t they? I’ve heard some amazing stuff about the festival and we can’t wait to play there.”

The London four-piece – led by Ellie Roswell’s deadly siren vocals – have drawn comparisons to Hole and Elastica and have been placed in pigeonholes as far apart as folk and grunge.

Fluffy, their punchy 2013 single, full of stomp and energy, opens up with a punk riff and a barrage of drums.

“People called it grunge folk and that did make me giggle,” added Joff.

“That single got us a lot of attention, and that was the pivotal moment for the band I think.

“People digest music in a different way now, with everybody connected to the Internet.

“For a band like Wolf Alice, who are relatively new to the scene, it is incredible that people can just discover us on the net and become fans.

“They can just listen to our music at will and sometimes you feel you’ve been plucked out of thin air.

“I fronted a band back home (in Cornwall) when I was in my teens but I couldn’t sing, and still can’t, so it’s nice to have my own area to focus on (guitar).

“I also get to jump around a lot with Wolf Alice and that’s great fun.”

Wolf Alice’s Glastonbury debut will see them perform on the John Peel stage, Joff adding: “I think Uncle Bill is quite impressed, and I hope he is quite proud of what we are doing.

“I’ve been to Glastonbury as a fan, never perhaps dreaming that one day I’d actually play there.”

  • Wolf Alice play Beat Herder Festival. July 18-20. Details from 0844 888 9991.