LIAM Gallagher once told him to believe in himself. Now that’s exactly what 15-year-old Reece Bibby is doing as he sits his GCSEs and pursues a musical career that some could only dream of.

While the Accrington youngster anticipates his exam results from Hollins Technology College, he’s also waiting to hear back from Thames TV to see if he’s through as a live X Factor contestant on this year’s show.

As well as waiting to release his EP, he’s also doing a gig with former X Factor finalists Sam Callahan and Kingsland Road next weekend at Oswaldtwistle Civic Theatre.

“My teachers are predicting As or A*s in most subjects and I hope so — I have been revising more than I have been writing music, I chose to do music as a higher BTec level rather than a GCSE so I took drama instead to work on my acting,” says Reece.

With a mature head on his shoulders, the teenager said he can manage the challenge as he combines studying with singing.

“I have always been all right at English and poetry so I enjoy writing. I have to work on my skills. I look back at my songs and they are a bit childish but I have been writing for a long time and I have written about 40-odd songs. I am used to being under pressure. I did a gig at Night and Day in Manchester and that was intense, but really good, so I can manage,” he says.

In April last year, the guitarist and singer performed an impromptu gig with his idol Liam Gallagher as the Oasis frontman spent time in Accrington, shooting a video with his band Beady Eye.

Reece and Liam performed Wonderwall and the youngster was given a confidence boost by the rock star.

“He told me to believe in myself and that as a musician I should listen to the sounds all around me. It was just surreal,” says Reece. “That experience spurred me on to write even more because he is a legend. From that I got signed to my management company in London and I have been determined ever since,” he says.

Earlier this year Reece, who lives with his dad Jamie, mum Lyndsey and sister Lexie, was approached by Thames TV to audition for this year’s X Factor and he’s currently waiting to see where his future lies.

“I met the executive producers of the show and I have to wait and see if I will make it through to the live auditions to perform in front of the judges including Simon Cowell. It all depends on that really, before I release my music, but I am happy to still be doing gigs up and down the country.”

His latest EP consists of three songs, all written and produced by the teenager himself. Titles include Is It Time, Up All Night and Make You Happy.

He will be performing in Oswaldtwistle next weekend with the former XFactor contestants and says he is hoping to get some advice, incase he makes it on to the show.

“I have never met any of them but they are talented and can give me some good tips. I have been doing loads of pub gigs. You can’t deny that little things like that get you noticed. I travel a lot and I enjoy doing gigs in London. It’s amazing. The people are different, they dress and act differently and they are less judgmental,” sid Reece, who has been performing since the was 13.

With a plan of action, Reece will be kept busy following his exams and has been approached by various labels in the UK and America, although insists he’s waiting to see what the future has in store.

Reece says: “I have been approached by record labels and I am starting to get my name out there. I am looking forward to releasing my EP and concentrating on my music even more once I finish school. If I don’t get onto the live X Factor auditions then I can keep the credibility that I have worked for myself.”

  •  X Factor Finalists 2013 with Sam Callahan and Kingsland Rd and introducing The Parades and Reece Bibby, Saturday May 24, 7.00pm. Tickets £15. Box office: 01254 380293