FAST, flash, sci-fi styled and on another planet, the Rezillos flew into punk’s slipstream like a flying saucer from a faraway universe.

Their mash-up sonic sound of scything guitars, stabbing vocals and Marvel Comic lyrics found them instant fame and as unlikely pop stars with a never-to-be-forgotten appearance on Top of the Pops.

Vocalists Fay Fife and Eugene Reynolds are the only remaining original members of the band, which formed in Edinburgh in 1976 and released three-minute sparkling gems Can’t Stand My Baby, their debut single, Destination Venus and (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures.

However, the current incarnation, with Angel Patterson and Johnny Terminator, continues to perform with Fay and Eugene.

“Modern music is impoverished and it seems that everybody is always looking for the quick fix, whatever they do in life,” said Reynolds “When punk broke we didn’t try and emulate a genre of music. We attempted to innovate in our own way and I think our songs have stood the test of time.

“The initial point was to look and sound as different as possible from anything out there and I think we succeeded in that.”

When they provided the support for label mates The Ramones at the American punk band’s celebrated New Year’s Eve gig at the Rainbow Theatre in 1977, The Rezillos stepped into the eye of a hurricane.

“It was a very intense night, and I was never sure about The Ramones — I just felt they were a manufactured band,” added Reynolds.

“I went into their dressing room and their jeans and T shirts were hung up in the wardrobes, nicely ironed and creased.

“It all felt like a bit of a fake really. They were scared stiff of the British punks, though.

“The Ramones sat around eating hamburgers all day.”

After their brief success in the late 1970s, the Rezillos split only to reform with various name changes, most notably The Revillos, while the other half of the band joined the Human League.

They even found a whole new audience when their classic release Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, featured on the soundtrack to Jackass: The Movie.

However, when Stuart Nesbit, the guitarist in the Proclaimers, asked them to get together for a one-off show for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations five years ago, they took the Scottish capital by storm.

“The incredible interest took us completely by surprise, and we’ve just carried on,” added Reynolds.

“When we broke up the first time we fell out in a bad way. But we’ve re-kindled that friendship and it feels as fresh as ever.

“We don’t need the money, we are doing it for the love of music.

“We’ve got a new album out in the summer and we love the songs.

“It is tight, punchy and raucous…….I Can’t Stand the Rezillos 2, maybe?”

 The Rezillos with the Notsensibles, 53 Degrees, Preston, Friday, April 18. Details from 01772 893000.