THE true stars of TV have been out in force this week — and not one of them has said a word.

You can keep your fake ‘reality’ shows like Celebrity Big Brother and TOWIE.

Instead, stick to genuine reality as offered by Mother Nature.

The Beeb appears to have gone into animal overload, filling our screens with magical moments featuring an array of the cute and the curious.

Leading the way has been the genuinely mesmerising Polar Bear Family and Me in which film maker Gordon Buchanan spent a year observing life in the raw.

You’d have to be pretty flint-hearted not to be moved by the sight of polar bear cubs emerging bleary-eyed from their den.

You suspect there was a collective ‘aah’ from living rooms all over the country.

If ever a series deserves an award then this is it.

Equally engaging has been the latest Winterwatch series live from the wilds of Scotland.

Again the presenters have been superfluous as hi-tech equipment has revealed a whole new world of birds of pray, pine martens and even whales having a snack in the seas.

The one thing all these programmes demostrate is that nature can be both beautiful and savage and, for all our supposed ‘sophistication’, we poor humans are just bit players.