NOBODY wants to work in an environment that leaves you more stressed and worn out than an iguana fleeing a racer snake. Nor do you want your time on planet Earth to be as slow as a sloth on a duvet day.

That’s why it’s important to consider the kind of law firm you want to work for before putting in the time and effort of polishing your CV for the top jobs.

Does a high-flying city firm full of sharp-suited go-getters appeal? Or would you prefer a more laid-back operation where you know everyone by their first name? The right choice depends on your personal outlook, career goals and ability to adapt to your surroundings.

And sometimes good things come in small packages – today we look at the top reasons for choosing to work in a small legal firm.

Wide variety of work - you’ll probably get stuck right into real work, unlike in a big law firm where you may not even be noticed for a week or so. Thework is likely to cover a broad spectrum of practice areas and, chances are, you’ll have greater hands-on involvement.

Own your work - the fewer the people in a firm, the greater the accountability – and the greater the rewards. It’s easier to stand out in a smaller law firm when you do a good job instead of spending years hoping to get noticed by the top floor.

More client interaction -smaller firms offer more autonomy and responsibility. This means greater interaction with clients and the chance to see the human side of legal work – a relief after all those years staring at textbooks and documents.

Greater flexibility - the adaptable environment of a small law firm can mean more flexibility in hours, roles and routine. There may be fewer rules and regulations sent down on high from HR and more opportunities to become involved in other areas of the business, such as IT or marketing.

Better relationships - just like the bar in TV’s Cheers, everyone knows your name in a small firm and probably your fave Friday night tipple too. That’s a huge contrast to being part of a legal colossus where colleagues run into hundreds.

Faster partnership track - with fewer employees vying for assignments, promotions, and a slice of the profits, legal professionals in small law firms faceless in-house competition than their big-firm counterparts.