RENTAL specialists Belvoir answer the five most Frequently Asked Questions about inventories...

What is an inventory?

It’s a snapshot of the condition of a property. It's a good guide to use at the end of a tenancy and helps to prevent disputes over possible damages and aids a smoother transition from the previous tenant to the new one.

Why is it useful?

As it’s a visual and written report of a property before a tenant moves in, we can take it with us to do the final inspection. Using the inventory makes it easier to find if there are any damages in the property, such as burns on carpets, marks on walls, or ovens that have not been cleaned.

When should it be done?

An inventory is always produced two days before a move-in takes place so that there is time to go into the property and make sure everything is clean and working correctly.

What should it record?

An inventory is a full description of a property from top to bottom stating all fittings, such as radiators, lights, furniture, decoration and flooring. It should also record the condition and cleanliness of everything too, Many written inventories are also backed up with photographs of the property.

Who needs a copy?

There are usually three copies, one for the landlord, one for the tenant and one for the agent. All copies need to be signed by the tenant.

A new tenant is always made aware that they have 10 days from taking the keys to go through the inventory and let us know if anything has been missed or described incorrectly.