Name: Paul Hitchcock (better known as PJ)

Age - 17

School - St Christopher’s High School

Based - Queens Road, Accrington

Number of pupils – 1,322

School mission/vision – Pupils and staff work together in the knowledge and love of God

PAUL Hitchcock, or PJ as he is better known, was singled out for this award for his incredible enthusiasm and positive attitude.

Pastoral Support Officer Kirsty Jones said: “He puts others before himself and I would like to say that he is a credit to us as a school. But that would be our way of claiming something we have no right over. PJ is a credit to his family and himself: we’re just lucky that he chose to come to our school.”

During his time at the school – during which he lost his mum and his dad was diagnosed with cancer – he has volunteered for a range of extra-curricular activities, from radio shows to pantomimes and even used his technological knowledge to advise the school’s PTA on sounds systems.

Kirsty said: “PJ has immersed himself in school life from the moment he stepped through the door, seven years ago.

"His propensity for new ideas and ability to help both teachers and fellow students is inspirational.

"When students give up as much free time, or more than teachers, it motivates you to go the extra mile.

"PJ is the smile and life of everything. He has tirelessly supported our school PTA, the Friends of St Christopher’s, with his advice on the acquisition of sound systems, his enthusiastic nature and his tech-savvy knowledge.

"Despite doing all the extra jobs around school, PJ never turns down a request for help and has quietly balanced his school work with his extra-curricular activities."

The 17-year-old said he was shocked to win the award.

He said: “Never in a million years did I expect to achieve something like this. St Christopher's has been a huge part of my life over the last seven years, I've made so many memories and I'll treasure each one.

"The support from the staff and fellow pupils has been amazing, it's a wonderful place to be, never once have I not looked forward to coming into school, and that's down to the welcoming and caring atmosphere of the school.

"I am eternally grateful and want to thank everyone who has been a part of my time at St Christopher's."